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[pct-l] Breakfast

Breakfast Bore 

Is this trailfood breakfast you want?  Bulgar Wheat has been great for 
us -- easy and filling!  To lessen cooking time you can soak the grain 
in water for 10 minutes before cooking, add to more water in a pot, 
warm or heat longer if you like, add nuts (walnut, pecan, pine, etc) 
and raisins (or cranraisins), top with turbinardo sugar and you have 
instant energy that lasts and lasts! It is even great cold with herbs 
and butter for a salad.  Add it to stews, rice dishes, and cover it 
with any type of sauce (spaghetti is great!) on it -- quite versitile 
is that grain called bulgar! How about grits?  Quarker has several 
instant varieites or you can create your own my buying a big box of 
grits, cooking per directions and adding cheese, packaged gravey, even 
sugar!  Polenta is also a great energy booster and comes already mixed 
or boxed dry.  To become a "Chef on the Go," add an Outback Oven  (8 
ounces!) and create your own breakfast quisine : fresh hot biscuits and 

gravey, scones, cornbread, cinnamon cake, etc

   --  Come on, get with it and be bored NO MORE!
The Happy Trails Couple---Happy Easter!  

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