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Re: [pct-l] the time is drawing near!!!!

Hey Bob n Bug, good to hear from you again.

I think brains on the frying pan will be the main sensation in southern
california. I used to live in Arizona before seattle and after living up here
inthe lush green forests and surrounded by water I honestly can't meet the
realization of the term "desert!" A friend just gave his slide show of his
southbound trip in '93 and when he scooted out of the sierras by the skin of
his teeth, the storms unleashed within 8 hours of his last descent to the
meadows. He was pretty lucky. But then his next "few" slides were of the
desert and he was going through there in november with temps in teh 80s. Once
those images were flashed on the screen I was horrified, knowing full well
that it'll be in the 90s/100s+ when we're there!! "What am I thinking?" was
definitely on my mind. yikes it's gonna be hot! Nothing like walking on
ground that's 125 plus!

I wouldn't worry about fleece pants/tops except maybe a vest for some nights,
comfy pillows those vests make! I'm just taking nylon wind pants (great for
ticky areas and sun protection!) and lightweight poly pants, one short T and
one long T and one wind shell, no goretex until sierras at the earliest, most
likely the cascades. A Mighty Umbrella! No tent, tarp, with down bag with
dryloft. I am using a 1.1 ounce bag liner, which will not only keep my bag
cleaner and loftier and smelling better, will be a wonderful layer when it's
too hot or in mosquito country, with a mesh net over the top! Trekking poles
to aid my tarp set-up and save my knees. I'm still working on modifying my
hat for the desert, and I've recently lost my favorite wool/fleece hat, :-(.
As of a few days ago my packweight went up to 21 pounds. last month it was
17. must be all those little things you don't think about!
Take care

what day are you starting now and what's your rough finish date?
Hard to believe but we'll be seeing each other pretty soon!
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