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Re: [pct-l] Foot changes

In a message dated 97-02-27 20:11:50 EST, OPATJ@library.ci.anchorage.ak.us

<< >Among the many trivial things that I wake up thinking about for our trip
 >has been the problem of shoe size changes during the hike.  I would like to
 >be able to purchase or use some of my heavier boots for the snows in the
 >Sierras, but if they fit now how will they be later.  I have spent upto six
 >weeks on the trail at a time, and never had a real problem with my feet
 >swelling, but Jardine, and other accounts indicate that the heat of the
 >desert and the continual walking may cause shoe size to expand by one size.
 >What is the collective wisdom out there on this?  Or ist it as varied as
 >our feet? : )   >>

When I did the AT my feet grew 1 1/2 sizes (length). When I stopped they
returned to normal. I spoke with other folks that this also happened too. It
made me lose both of my big toe nails because they rubbed against the inside
of the boot. When I replaced my boots (when they wore out) is when I
discovered my foot size had grown.  The guy at the store said I had sized 12.
I said, no, you must have measured wrong. I have had size 10 1/2  for 30+
years.  He checked again and then show it too me. When I got bigger boots,
12, my toe nails were ok. 

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