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[pct-l] Introduction, and Tyvek info

        Hello fellow happy hikers!  I'm a student at Penn State University
interested in hiking the entire JMT this summer, probably sometime in late
July. It is a trip that my father has been trying to plan for quite some
time now, and we're finding ourselves short on information.  Given the
recent damages at Yosemite, we're concerned about trail conditions as well.
Where do we begin?!  I know there are tons of experienced JMT hikers out
there, so please share your knowledge and help us out however you can!

Thanks and happy trails to all! 


PS.  For the person asking about Tyvek, it is a flash-spun fiber made from
polyethylene.  It is perfectly safe to use, and makes a wonderful and very
lightweight groundcover. (My friend's father makes the stuff at Du Pont)

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