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[pct-l] Foot wisdom

I'm no runner, but I play one on TV.


Looking back, over the entire PCT, I never spent more than $22.00 on a pair
of running shoes.

Sacouny Trail Shoes - $22.00 on the clearance rack.  Have earthy tones.
  (Mexico - Highway 58)

Sacouny Classics - Second hand sporting goods store.  These were still new, $15.
  (Highway 58 - Seiad Valley)

(From Seiad Valley to Ashland, OR I had on a pair of beat up Nikes I found
near Forrester Pass, about 1000 miles back)

Etonic running shoes - BiMart in Ashland.  $21.00.
  (All of Oregon)

Coleman Hiking Boots - Bimart again, 19.99 with coupon.
  (Most of Washington, the reason I say "most" is because I had a pair of
Raiche Heavy boot for a chunk of the trail, but I'm not counting those since
I didn't really buy them for the sole (badum badum badum) purpose of hiking
the trail)


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