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     I used to get blisters all the time also, when I went hiking, 
     especially long hikes over 20 miles a day.  So I tried everything 
     from tape, moleskin, different kinds of boots etc.  Finally I tried 
     something that worked for me.  I wear one pair of wicking 
     socks(very thin & wicks sweat away from your skin of your feet) and 
     over those I wear 2 pair of boot socks, I bought from A-16 or REI 
     stores.  So I have a total of 3 pair of socks on each foot.  I know 
     some people might think I'm crazy but it works very well for me and 
     I have hiked thousands of miles this way without getting any 
     blisters on my feet.  Hope this helps you.
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