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RE: [pct-l] nothing beats experience


The one thing I found absolutely essential in thru-hiking the PCT is the =
guidebook, especially the maps and water sources.  I would not enter a =
stretch of the PCT without at least those information.

The rest, you'll adjust like you did in the AT.  For example, I used an =
umbrella in the desert and in Washington.  I switched to a smaller =
backpack after going through the desert since I didn't need the dead =
space.  The types of weather conditions you'll encounter in doing a =
thru-hike are heat in the desert, cold in the Sierras, hot and humid in =
northern california, quite nice in Oregon unless they're having fires, =
and rain in Washington.  I think many hikers last year, including =
myself, were caught off guard when we entered Washington with the rain.  =
I had to borrow some gear from my resupply guy's brother until my gear =
arrived in the mail.  If you prepare for all those conditions and timed =
them right, you're all set.

Enjoy, Ben
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