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[pct-l] nothing beats experience


     wow! i just stumbled onto this list almost by accident.  i'm new to this
internet scene and it still blows my mind now and again.  In '95 i thru-hiked
the AT and looking back i'm amazed at how green i was when i started and how
much i learned in regard to what i needed (and more importantly didn't need)
to enjoy a successful thru-hike.
      now as i prepare for the PCT, i can't help but feel a little unprepared
once again.  hopefully, however i'll be able to sponge some knowledge from
some of  you PCT veterans.  simply put, there were things on my AT hike that
i thought i could not live without that became useless to me. (ex. tent,
water filter, ect.)   likewise there were things i thought were extravagant
that became nessecities. ( my sandles, extra socks, dental floss, ect.)
        i'm curious about what you who have thru-hiked the pct found to be
essential and also the things that you looked back upon and said, "what was i
        just wondering,
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