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RE: [pct-l] John Muir Trail


I did the John Muir Trail in September 1994 from Yosemite Valley to Mt. =
Whitney.  Definitely, a good time of the year, no mosquitoes and not =
much people.  You also get to acclimatize gradually as opposed to going =
up to 14,000+ feet immediately.

Last year, when I did the PCT, I went through most of the John Muir =
Trail going North.  Most of us left Kennedy Meadows at Inyokern around =
second week of June, June 8 or so.  You may want to consider going North =
entering from Lone Pine up to Mt. Whitney and then onwards teaming up =
with this year's thru-hikers until Toulemne Meadows and then head down =
to Yosemite Valley.  The timeframe may not be within your schedule =

Another option is to hike from Yosemite Valley to Muir Trail Ranch =
southbound, exit via Florence lake and head down to Lone Pine the =
motorized way, then hike up to Mt. Whitney and northbound to the Muir =
Trail Ranch.

Either way (north or south or yo-yo), definitely take advantage of all =
the resupply points and bring an ice ax and some sort of stick for =
fording.  What I noticed as I headed north was the snow got deeper until =
after Muir Trail Ranch when the elevation got lower.

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