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[pct-l] Trail support

Hi everyone.  I hiked on the AT in 96 as Pooh, silly old bear.  I will
probably do the Muir in August this year.  Give me a shout if you are
looking for hiking companions or would like to share resupply and
transportation arrangements for a north to south trip.  I am 53 and will
probably take three weeks for the trip. 

Anyway, my wife and I have a cabin at Donner Lake and would be pleased to
offer hospitality, transportation or trail magic to thru-hikers once they
reach The Donner Summit (Interstate 80) area.  We are normally there only
on weekends.  You can call us from the crossing of old US40 at Alpine
Skills International (ASI).  If we are around, it will take us about
fifteen minutes to get up to the summit.  There is also a phone at the I-80
rest area four miles further on.

At Donner, our phone number is 916-587-4485.  During the week, we are in
San Francisco.  Our phone numbers there are 415-285-3558 (home) and
415-372-1375 (work).  My email is billp@psw3.com.
Bill Person
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