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[pct-l] Nomad Lite tent

Good morning, Lindy,

I have done several patch-jobs with various kinds of seam sealer, and all
have been successful.  I usually dose every seam, crease, or pierce that I
can find while I have the stuff uncorked.  I recommend a liberal test with a
gentle lawn sprinkler after the sealer cures.  You might find some
vulnerable points that were previously overlooked.



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> Hi, everyone!  I have had a Wanderlust Gear Nomad Lite tent for about 3
> years, and I love it.  However, about 2 weeks ago, I was hiking the
> Wonderland Trail around Mt. Rainier, and I got caught in several days of
> heavy rain.  My tent started leaking at the stitching points where the
> spreader bars go at each end, and water dripped on my down sleeping bag
> during the night, creating a bad situation for me with no sun breaks to
> for drying out.  We ended up going home for two days to dry out, then
> back on the trail and finishing in longer miles after the weather
> Next week, I am going on the PCT for 10 days.  I have put Silnet silicone
> seam sealer on the stitching, but does anyone on this list have any other
> ideas I should consider?  (Other than buying a new tent?  -- I like this
> if it will not leak.)
> Lindy
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