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[pct-l] Yikes,trouble in the forest..!

Trouble in the forest ,,HUM ! its just plain stupid,Man and hunting,this poor look-out{fire watch} did not even know what hit him,that reminds me of those 3 hunters that went to get a deer in the pacific north west,they did not forget any thing,including all the beer and whisky,the 3 were carpenters and real good at there trade,except when mixed with whisky & beer,they did not get there deer ,so they talked one of those carpenters to sit 30 yards away and shoot a beer can off his head,real smart,real responcible,one to many and they shot the 3rd carpenter in the head,the man lived to tell the story,printed in the paper,the shot was real good shot,,they explained,they were drunk,no charges were filed,this poor man at fire watch that got shot ,was protecting the very forest they were all in,and the man that the bear raided his camp,and got his beer & sausage,should have been shot as well,we invade the critters country,food tents ,food in cars,food hanging,too a bear WOW,thats good...!do you know what I mean ...?like the carpenters .....!  I just wonder if they would have tryed that stunt in there back yard over over beer & Whisky,one differance,there would have been charges filed,what is left,its still the critters country,thats where they live,,,   Howard L Ruiz