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[pct-l] Nomad Lite tent

Hi, everyone!  I have had a Wanderlust Gear Nomad Lite tent for about 3 
years, and I love it.  However, about 2 weeks ago, I was hiking the 
Wonderland Trail around Mt. Rainier, and I got caught in several days of 
heavy rain.  My tent started leaking at the stitching points where the 
spreader bars go at each end, and water dripped on my down sleeping bag 
during the night, creating a bad situation for me with no sun breaks to use 
for drying out.  We ended up going home for two days to dry out, then coming 
back on the trail and finishing in longer miles after the weather improved.

Next week, I am going on the PCT for 10 days.  I have put Silnet silicone 
seam sealer on the stitching, but does anyone on this list have any other 
ideas I should consider?  (Other than buying a new tent?  -- I like this one 
if it will not leak.)