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[pct-l] Q re Shelter for Oregon & Washington PCT

Good morning, Joe,

August and September are usually primo months for weather in the Pacific NW,
although we did have quite a dose of rain this year when most of the
thru-hikers were passing through.  I use a sil-tarp, and a couple of years
ago between Stevens Pass and Stehekin there were three or four days of
rain/sleet/snow.  Using a tarp worked fine, and I would do so again.  For
every minute that I wished I had more shelter, there were four hours when I
was thankful for the 10 oz. tarp vs. the 55 oz. tent.

I have never seen a bear canister in either Oregon or Washington, although
some folks may have one covered in their packs.  I do not hang my food bags
up here, either.  In the N. Cascades NP they insist that hikers do so, at
least in some of the places, but if you plan correctly you can pass all the
way through without camping.



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> Is a tarptent sufficient for the Oregon & Washington sections of the PCT
> the August / September timeframe?  Should I plan on switching shelters to
> something more rain worthy (and unfortunately heavier)?
> What about adding a bivysack (again, more weight)?
> I was thinking that I could kind of trade my bear canister for more
> at some point if it makes sense.
> Thanks in advance,
> joe
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