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[pct-l] Tests - Nomad - Wanderlust

SD does have a problem with their ultra light weight tent poles from
Easton. I run into the same problem on the AT. I lost one end piece and
realised that the sleeves are moving. It took me half an houer on the
phone, until I got a competent person who understood the problem. They
did not want to replace the poles unless I did it through an outfitter.
Even on the AT they are not around every corner. Finally we agreed, that
they will send me new end pieces and that I will glue the other pieces
(end pieces and sleeves) myself. Since then they worked just fine. I met
a number of other hikers with the same experience. I did not like the
reaction of SD, especially since this problem is around for at least 2
or 3 years! Concerning the Wanderlust only one comment: order it in time
because they are not very reliable on delivery time and with advanced
payment you have your money tied up! Otherwise I only heard good things.


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