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[pct-l] Tests - Nomad - Wanderlust

Not exactly. I met many of the people who used the Nomad in 2000 and they
had never experienced a real tent until they saw my Stephenson 2RSB at

The Wanderlust Nomad Lite is a tarp tent. It is, as you say, a compromise.

Compared to a Stephenson or a Clip Flashlite it is an absolute PAIN to
setup. Further, I have been in some Sierra storms that would have left me
soaking wet in a Wanderlust but absolutely dry in  a Stephenson.

Finally the Wanderlust does not ventilate in warm weather like a Stephenson
or Clip Flashlight.

What the Wanderlust Nomad Lite IS is an ADAQUATE shelter for one that weighs
28 ounces including everything. That is pretty good and what I'd use to solo
hike a fair distance. That's why I own one.

However, for 2 people I would not get a 2 person Namad. It is even more
unstable than the single and the weight saving isn't very much over the


PS: Marshall, stop dreaming, make a few extra bucks, and get the tent you
deserve. You only live once - Tom

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In 2000, several people used the Nomad Light and raved
about it. They said it kept them dry and any moisture
was easily wiped up. They found it easy to set up, too.
Some had used it for a couple of years at that point.
All types of weather.

No tent/shelter is going to be perfect. It is a matter
of compromise. And if you measure the material needed
and its weight, there are physical limits of what can be
done. I'm still looking: I'd love to have a tent with
removable fly (just mosquito netting) for warm nights,
floor, poles (I don't use trekking poles), easy to set
up (like free standing), can sit up in it without
touching the top, 2 person, and all weigh under 2
pounds, and cost under $150. I can dream, can't I!

Maybe someone will show one at the ALDHA-WEST Gathering
on Oct 4,5, 6  (go to www.aldhawest.org)


Marshall Karon
Portland, OR
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