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[pct-l] Carbon Fiber Tent Stakes

This is a bit of feedback for "Inspector Gadget" who exhibited at the gear
contest and sold or gave away afterward beautifully crafted carbon fiber tent
stakes at the ADZPCTKO.  The good news is that they weigh about four to an

The bad news is they failed.  I tried them out this last weekend at a typical
car camping site where the ground has been highly compacted by repeated use.
It wasn't rocky, just hard compacted soil.  One split as I drove it in.  All
of the head inserts became detached.  Some of the point inserts became
detached.  Either the epoxy you used was too little, the wrong kind or the
design of the insert head and point need improvement.

Somehow they must be designed to withstand the impact of a rock or hammer for
driving them in, without destroying them.

A great idea, however, tent stakes have to be durable as one can get into a
situation where the loss of one or more could have dire consequences.

Best regards,

Greg "Strider" Hummel