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[pct-l] Wonderland Trail Vs. John Muir Trail?

Yo!  I did the JMT in the first two weeks of sept in 98.  I am doing
againg during sept this year.  Last time I took only a fleece jacket,
patagonia lightweight capiline, a stocking cap, and a rain suit.
(plus shorts and a polypro shirt, running shoes, socks, and a hat.)
My whole pack weighed about 14lbs without food and water.

This year, I have whittled everything down to about 6-7 lbs,
including food, but not water.  I am taking a marmot microchill
fleece t-shirt, polypro shirt, nylon shorts, running shoes, socks,
patagonia dragonfly rain jacket (3oz!!!), modified mountain hardware
rain pants (5 oz), a balaclava, and thin gloves.

I will not be doing much lounging around or sitting in camp, so I
expect to either be in a sleeping bag or walking.  If you plan on
doing more leisure activities, you may need more clothes.

Last time I did the JMT in sept, it rained 9 of 10 days.  so IMHO, be
prepared for some rain!

Hope that helps.


> Howdy all !!
> My wife and I are  planning to through hike the John Muir Trail in
> September.  My wife has hiked the Wonderland Trail around Mt.
> Rainier. We were wondering how the JMT stacked up on  daily basis
> to the Wonderland Trail.
> So, those of you who have done both, how does the daily slog
> compare?
> If you have done the JMT in September, how much clothing would you
> take if you were going to do it again??
> Dave Duncan
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