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[pct-l] Wonderland Trail Vs. John Muir Trail?


I did the JMT last year going south. We left the PC at Crabtree Meadows and
went over Whitney and had pizza at Lone Pine that might. We have to be at the
Pass by 10:00  they were closing because of a small  avalanche

I had to re-connect the PCT this year by going from Walker Pass to Crabtree
Meadows. It was 115 degrees first day out of Walker Pass and was snowing last
day on Whitney. Just a few flakes. They should take that sign down at Joshua
Spring saying water is unfit to drink. One of out group who was a few miles
ahead of me did not pick up water because of the sign. I found him in bad
conditions about four miles out. We had to return to Joshau Springs to pick
up more water.