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[pct-l] JMT - PCT Questions

The scenerey from the main trail over Kearsage Pass is one of the best of
the hike. Take it slow once you reach the pass going down to the PCT. The
mountains seem to go on for ever.  I think you could go into the lakes below
the pass and then up to the pass, but don't miss the pass. I wouldn't do
that - I'd stay up.

I presume you are driving to the trailhead. If not, you may be able to get a
lift up for a small fee from one of the motel owners (Courthouse Motel, I

As I remember it going North, we left Whitney, climbed over Forester Pass
and camped just over the pass, then made it to Independence the next day.
So, depending on when you leave, I would count on one day over Kearsage Pass
(not really a bad climb) to the base of Forester (either side) and then
another day to Crabtree Meadows/Guitar Lakes, then one day up to Whitney and
down to Whitney Portal. Spend extra time if you have it. Watch for bears if
you camp low. Watch for marmots at Guitar Lake and Whitney (like don't leave
food out or packs open).

Marshall Karon
Portland, OR
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> Hello,
> I am planning a trip this upcoming weekend to hike a portion of the JMT
> trail, beginning in Indepedence and hike toward Keasarge Pass walking
> southward to Mt. Whitney.
> I would like to get any recommendations - such as which trail is the best
> coming out of Independance, camp sites along the way, how many days should
> the trip take.
> Thanks in advance.
> Roy
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