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[pct-l] trail maintance

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Far Out, Jon,

Thanks for the nice words.

I do very minimal work. Most the volunteer (I'm more behind the scenes push=
'en paper) are men and women in their 60's, 70's and yes, 80's  out there w=
orking in 80 and 90 degrees plus weather, summer after summer (and in south=
ern CA, all year) doing what they can to keep the trail they love open and/=
or clear for all to use.

Some have thru hiked the trail; some have section hiked all of the trail an=
d others, like myself, have section hiked only minimal miles (400). They do=
 the work (ALL at their own cost, except food) because they love the out-of=
-doors, the PCT and the camaraderie. None of the volunteers ask for a thing=
, and are delighted with a reward of a patch, a sticker, T-shirt or coffee =
mug. Some work for a day, others for 8 days, others, for weeks.  Some once =
a summer; many, numerous times a season. There are a few volunteers out the=
re who put in an excess of 30 to 40 hours per week. No exaggeration. All vo=

I live here in extreme northern CA (almost to the OR border) and we get peo=
ple driving over 600 to 700 miles from the south and north just to work the=
 trail in this area.  Again, all at their own cost.  Speaks well of humanit=
y in general, and PCT lovers specifically.

Thanks again for your supportive letter.

JoAnn Michael
Regional Coordinator, Northern CA
Pacific Crest Trail Association