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[pct-l] Re: PCT-L digest, Vol 1 #594 - 4 msgs

Just got back from hiking Milk Creek to High Bridge above Lake Chelan.  Trail
is passable with only moderate brush and passable snow patches which are
either safe to cross of can be skirted.  Met some thru hikers who said that
the trail from Harts Pass to Manning has passable snow on it.  Might be good
to take instep crampons.  Marge we are hiking Harts Pass to Manning the 8th
of Sept. to the 16th.  The Trails  Club of Oregon will have two separate
parties of 5 to 12 in number on the trail.  Email me if you would like to
join our group of 5.  We will be traveling slow secondary to new hikers and
wanting to enjoy every inch of the beautiful scenery.  Linda ('sparrow)

PS Met Chris Ratcliff at Dolly Vista on Vista Ridge.  He was going strong.
Also noted that Amigo and Dragon fly had been through Stehekin.  Met a few
south bounders.  All doing well.