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[pct-l] trail tread and other curiosities

Hi Sara,

We have not hiked the whole PCT, only Oregon and Washington, so I can
only answer about this part.

The trail itself was mostly not too difficult to follow. In most
cases there is only one main trail and that is the PCT. We used the
Data Book during the day and the Guide at night to go over the next
couple of days. Only very seldomly did we need to take it out also at
trail intersections.

Most of the time the trail was hard dust/sand with rocks poking
through. Sometimes it was lava or 'black glass' (obsidian, in the
Three Sisters area) or snow or mud. Every time we went off trail to
resupply and got back on, it felt so good. The trail, where it goes
through the forest, makes your feet bounce. Unfortunately the feeling
wears off in a day or so, and then it sometimes seems to drag you

I don't agree that the passes are hell. It's the grind getting up
there, but every pass is a wonderful place 'on top of the world'.
There are some places on the trail that made me wonder how horses get
over it. For example the Goat Rocks' Rooster's Comb.

Did anyone actually do this on a horse/with llamas?

Have a great hike

>I have a few questions if you all don't mind.
>I've been wondering what the trail tread is like on
>the PCT?  I'm sure it varies considerably over the
>length of the trail, but generally what's it like?  Is
>it soft sand, hard dirt, lots of rocks and stumblets?
>Is the trail wide or narrow?  Is it well-kept?  Except
>for snow obscuring the trail, is it easy to follow or
>does it require extensive map and compass work?  Is it
>well-marked or does the section of guidebook stay
>glued in your hand or to the end of your nose?  I've
>heard (or read) that the trail's grade is no more than
>10% at any given time.  Is that true or do you spend
>hours/days on the Stairmaster from Hell, climbing
>steps that never end?
>Nobody really talks about the trail itself.  Anybody
>care to share?
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Saskia Daru