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[pct-l] Washington conditions

>2. Know your limitations

If you never push your limitations, how can you truly know them?
Maybe your version of Darwin's theory has breed out something
special in the human species....something that lead people over
those mountains in eons passed.  Few people seem to have that
spark of daring anymore.  Han does.

Han had a limited time to hike because of real world commitments
and duties.  He elected to go for it in the 80 days he had available.
He is also capable of remarkable endurance.  To make up time from
an earlier snafu, he hiked for 100 hrs straight.  His choices were his
own as are the lessons he has learned.  I'm surprised that someone
would be so critical of a hiker's style.  Whatever happened to HYOH?
Personally, I find knowing remarkable people who do or at least attempt
remarkable things, enriches my life.
For me, 35 miles is a weekend hike.  Doing fifty miles in a day is
somewhat awesome to me.  Laying it all on the line is likewise.  I
like the fact that there are people like Han in the world.  It gives the
rest of us something to wonder at or maybe "tsk tsk" at.  If you choose
to make Han a bad example so be it.  For the average hiker, he is.
I choose to see him in a different light....as an exceptional hiker
who is not easily deterred from his goals.