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[pct-l] Re: 33+ miles/day average

Some [like Tom] would say 17 miles per day is to LONG to see anything, not
too fast. I agree with Brick that a heavy pack robs enjoyment. Our only
disagreement is how many hours one hikes. He hikes 11, I hike 4 and sit,
fish read whatever. Either way works just fine. 

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At 10:20 PM 7/23/02, Carl Siechert wrote:
>33+ miles/day average? Do people hiking at that pace have time to enjoy the

Yes, I do.

I just enjoy my time walking, instead of spending time sitting in camp or

There is no need to rush doing 33 miles a day. That is only 11 hours of 
walking at 3mph, a very reasonable speed with a light pack. Still another 
13 hours left in the day to rest and relax....

Some (like Tom) would say that 17 miles a day is way too fast to see 
anything. Personally I think a heavy pack robs more enjoyment than high 
miles. I've seen WAY too many hikers slouched into their shoulder straps, 
sagging under their 50# packs, staring at the ground in front of them 
oblivious to anything but the sweat dripping in their eyes.... I'll take 33 
miles with my 12# pack any day.

Yes, spending 6 months on the trail yields 6 months worth of fun, but what 
if one only has 3 months?  33 miles a day for 3 months still yields 2665 
miles of fun.

It is not a race, and there are no points for finishing fastest, but there 
is nothing wrong with cramming as much as possible into the time available.


Brick Robbins

  The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and
   the intelligent are full of doubt.
------- Bertrand Russell  

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