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[pct-l] Washington conditions


sometimes you have to:

1. hope for the best conditions
2. push your limitations
3. know your equipment will fail


accidents will happen.

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> >2. Know your limitations
> If you never push your limitations, how can you truly know them?
> Maybe your version of Darwin's theory has breed out something
> special in the human species....something that lead people over
> those mountains in eons passed.  Few people seem to have that
> spark of daring anymore.  Han does.
> Han had a limited time to hike because of real world commitments
> and duties.  He elected to go for it in the 80 days he had available.
> He is also capable of remarkable endurance.  To make up time from
> an earlier snafu, he hiked for 100 hrs straight.  His choices were his
> own as are the lessons he has learned.  I'm surprised that someone
> would be so critical of a hiker's style.  Whatever happened to HYOH?
> Personally, I find knowing remarkable people who do or at least attempt
> remarkable things, enriches my life.
> For me, 35 miles is a weekend hike.  Doing fifty miles in a day is
> somewhat awesome to me.  Laying it all on the line is likewise.  I
> like the fact that there are people like Han in the world.  It gives the
> rest of us something to wonder at or maybe "tsk tsk" at.  If you choose
> to make Han a bad example so be it.  For the average hiker, he is.
> I choose to see him in a different light....as an exceptional hiker
> who is not easily deterred from his goals.  
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