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[pct-l] Triplicle Crown

Hey Guys and Gals,

I agree that the number is probably significantly higher. For example, I =
have two dear friends that are almost finished w/all three trails.  An =
injury to one stopped the completion of the CDT this last season.  They =
are 'do your own thing' type folks and are not on any list/digest/club =
or organization. They go light weight at their own design and creations. =

Walt and Karin are from the north/east, live to hike (or cycle, which =
they have across the US) and they helped save me (on the PCT) when I got =
myself into deep trouble 3 yrs. ago.  They are about the most =
self-sufficient people I've ever met and never bring attention to =
themselves. =20

I have met more people who know nothing of the misc. web sites and =
organizations about trails than the other way around.


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