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[pct-l] Starter Trails


I don't want to rain on your experiences, but not all hikers (or most for
that matter) see the AT, while hiking it, as a continual oktoberfest.  If
that is your impression of the AT, then I am truly sorry that you're
missing out on such a fantastic experience.  It may not have the constant
views or "200-mile resupplyless" sections like the PCT, or the
routefinding chalenges of the CDT, but it is still quite a gem in our
Trails system.  If you think that the AT's proximity (50% of the USA's
population within 4 hours drive of the AT) hasn't a thing to do with
that...well, nothing I can say will convince you otherwise.  I'm sorry
that you have so increddibly missed the point as it is with the AT.

Hungry Howie & The New SUshi

On Tue, 16 Oct 2001 Montedodge@aol.com wrote:

>  I would say there is a reason more people hike the AT than the PCT. The AT
> may be steeper, but with 2 days between drops ( Over most the trail) and low
> pack weights, big deal!! If the PCT was as much of a " Cake Walk" as some AT
> folks would say, there would be 10 times the numbers doing the PCT  instead
> of the AT. Yes, in my humble opinion, the AT is a " Cute" little starter
> trail compared to the PCT. Hikers normally do the AT then the PCT. ( The PCT
> sees only the cream of the Crop from the AT mobs)  On the PCT , route finding
> ,snow travel, elevations, deserts all add to a bit more difficult trail. The
> CDT is even more challenging. The most challenging  part of the AT may be
> having enough money or a high enough VISA limit  for your tri-weekly town
> pig-outs!!! Other than Maine, and parts of Penn., this social " Hike between
> the Bars" trail offers far less in the ways of what Western Hikers would call
> " Wilderness Experience". If the trail seems steep with 2 to 3 days of food
> on your back and maybe a liter of water, it may be because of the 6-pack of
> grog drank the night before!!!!!    Starter trails for 100.00 Wink. OK What
> is the AT??  " That's Correct!!, Wink says. You are the winner of our Daily
> Double!!
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