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[pct-l] The Triple Crown

Brett writes >> Only two dozen people, including Berger, have achieved
hiking's Triple
Crown in their lifetimes. In 1999, two men became the first to hike two of
trails in a single year: the Appalachian and Pacific Crest." <<

The numbers of persons who've done the Triple Crown exceeds the number
recognized by ALDHA-West. This is due to the fact that they've not

The Triple Crown recognition is based upon an honor system. We don't go out
and talk to your friends, neighbors and family to make sure you've done all
three trails. Let alone whether your attempts were pure or not. We feel
there is still some merit to honor.

That said if you know of someone who's completed the Triple Crown but is not
recognized, we encourage them to contact us. They can send an email message
to Steve Queen at triplecrown@aldhawest.org
<mailto:triplecrown@aldhawest.org>  telling us what year or years they did
their hike. We don't limit members to people who have only thru-hiked the
three trails. Section hikes are quite acceptable.

Ron Moak
American Long Distance Hiking Association - West