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I am I missing the point of "thru" or even piece hiking a trial?  I enjoy
the trail for what it presents.  I  hiked the AT many years ago and will
hike the PCT this spring.  After that I will see if it is possible to hike
the CDT in the  near future.  I will not "do" the trails to have done them
but to see what is over the next mountain.

Where have I gone wrong?

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> Luke Snyder wrote:
> >This "versus" question may apply to some, but for me
> >and many of the others on this list, I'd like to ask
> >another question.  Here goes.  After hiking and
> >enjoying the PCT, is the entire experience tougher to
> >hike another trail (either AT or CDT, knowing the
> >blisters will last, muscles will ache for months, body
> >will be damaged more, hunger pains will come sooner,
> >and mental anguish will stir about)?
> Luke -
> If you wait two years after your first thruhike, your body will heal and
> you'll forget all the "pain" stuff.  For some of us, the Trail is an
> addiction - and we can't wait to get back out there.  There are others who
> never think about it again.
> >I don't mean to dowse his fire, but is anyone
> >considering trying to "purist-like" thru-hike all
> >three in the near future?
> At this point in time, that's not possible - anyone who tells me that
> they've done a "pure" CDT thruhike is a liar.  You can't do a "pure" hike
> a trail that hasn't even been designated yet.  So the "purist" Triple
> will have to wait - indefinitely, I hope  :-)
> Walk softly,
> Jim
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