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[pct-l] follow-up on Seattle Times article on "Ultralight" hiking

Here is a follow-up column on the recent "Ultralight"
hiking Seattle Times article. Its funny that reader
responses to the article have been negative in the
sense that they felt that the author/hiker was acting
in an unsafe and unenjoyable manner. As you recall
from what I wrote initially after reading the article,
I say quite the contrary. I believed then, and still
do, that the writer was rash in his estimation of the
risks he felt he was taking and the sacrifices he was
making while hiking with what he thought was a
lightweight pack. I think there should be a thoughtful
and reasoned response to the Times about how there are
many of us who do positively promote and practice the
lightweight backpacking lifestyle. 

Here is the link. If it does not work for you, visit
www.seattletimes.com; select "Sports"; select "Ron
Judd" and look through his index of columns for this
particular one:


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