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[pct-l] a good read!


The silly thing is, I complain about stuff when I am at home and I do 
when I am in the wilds. That's just the negative and sarcastic person 
I am. It does not mean that I do not want to be there, at all. My 
partner has come to understand that when I say that I do not like the 
stones, I do not like the uphill, I do not like the downhill, I do 
not like the mosquitoes and I do not like to sh*t in the wild, all of 
this means that I want a hug. It definitely does not mean: "let's go 
home". For a while I enjoyed being home so much, but now I just want 
to get away...


><< I was surprised, on my JMT hike this summer, by how many people I met who
>  had committed themselves to walk hundreds of miles and who didn't seem to
>  enjoy HIKING at all.  They were very "gung-ho" (what the heck kind of idiom
>  is that, anyway?) about their experience, but they cursed the uphills, they
>  cursed the downhills, they cursed the mosquitos when they stood still... >>
Jan Heideveld & Saskia Daru