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[pct-l] a good read!

<< I was surprised, on my JMT hike this summer, by how many people I met who 
 had committed themselves to walk hundreds of miles and who didn't seem to 
 enjoy HIKING at all.  They were very "gung-ho" (what the heck kind of idiom 
 is that, anyway?) about their experience, but they cursed the uphills, they 
 cursed the downhills, they cursed the mosquitos when they stood still... >>

But, do they hike again?  Some people seem to enjoy belly-aching, either to 
convince themselves that they're overcoming great adversity, or to impress 
others with the magnitude of their effort.  

The test is, do they hike again?  My suspicion is, of course they do!  They 
can hardly wait for the next opportunity to get out there and subject 
themselves to the hardship of enjoying all that great scenery, fellowship, 
and joy of being alive.  

Now, I can understand the pain of hiking downhill.  It's taking me in the 
wrong direction.  Surely, there is an uphill to follow.  But, it's the uphill 
that gets us to the pass, the opportunity to look over the top into the next 
vista (and yes, the next downhill.)  It's also easier on the knees.  

Hiking is attitude, attitude, attitude.  If you don't want to do this, please 
feel free to stay home and watch TV.  The hikers I have met on the trail (and 
on this list) have an attitude that I cherish.