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[pct-l] Thru-hiker sitings along the PCT

On our 30-mile weekend hike on the PCT between Rainy
Pass and Harts Pass, David Hough (pcnst@oakapple.net)
and I encountered the following thru-hikers.  Listed
alongside their name is each party’s expected finish
dates (as well as my memory served):

John and Joclyn: Sunday 9/23
Daybreak: hiking to fast to ask
David from Boston: Wednesday 9/26
Bill: Wednesday 9/26
Junkfood Jen and GIJane: Wednesday 9/26
The Birds (Dave and Jerry) Thursday 9/27
Dave, Eric and Chris:  Wednesday 9/26 or Thursday 9/27

They all had big smiles on their faces and were well
stocked with food.  But, they were facing few water
sources between Harts Pass and the border.

Also, some of these hikers do plan to go the
ALDHA-West gathering on Friday.

-One Man

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