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[pct-l] Time off for long distance hikes

Thy words are wise and bespeak of good and wholesome experience
with a great existential balance that borders on a metaphysical
spirituality that is quite congruent with thy inner image and
external harmony with one's present universe.

In other words:

amen brother!! u got-it together man!! I am frigging impressed!!
AND: on the PCt list- no less!! <BIG SMILE>

seriously- I have sent this to my son who I am sure will cherish
evry word.

Now- the 64,000 dollar question- any single caucasian females
emotioanlly available that agreee with Jeffrey's statement-
email me and we shall end up in wedded bliss and harmony
for the rest of our lives!!! <smile>

Rich Calliger

At 8:55 AM -0800 9/15/01, Jeffrey Olson wrote:
>My experience is that you learn to think creatively about the relationship
>between work, play, and loving.  There is a set of expectations that "career"
>means working all the time.  This is unbalanced and unhealthy.  It's a
>good way
>to age quickly, ruin relationships, and generate personal conditions for a
>midlife crisis for which a person usually doesn't have the tools to work
>The "material" orientation that these expectations include usually subvert
>claiming one's own life as one's own.  If you think clearly about what is
>important to you, and this changes over the lifespan, you can act from
>"principle" rather than emotion.  This is the creative, and hard part.  To
>what one "says" is a goal few attain it seems to me...
>Jeffrey Olson
>Laramie, Wyoming...
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