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[pct-l] Time off for long distance hikes

Hi all,
I've been on this list for a few months now and look forward to reading
everybody's posts.  I am planning on doing a PCT thru hike in 2004.  Right
now I am attending school and working full time.  In 2004 I will be quitting
my current job to do a career change and that will probably be the only
chance I get to do the PCT.  My question is;  I read about everyone here on
this list and other places doing the PCT, AT or triple crown or various
segments many times and just plain spending alot of time on the trail (I'm
jealous).  How are you able to get that much time off.  Are many of you
self-employed.  I really want to be able to spend more time on the trail
(and eventually be a part of the PCT family) but can you give me some
suggestions on how you schedule hikes from your "daily grind".  Right now I
am only able to do weekend hikes here and there but hiking is what makes me
happy.  Unfortunately, I can't make a living hiking (although I would be the
first to sign up for a hiking degree if you could).
Brian Davis
Phoenix, AZ