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[pct-l] Time off for long distance hikes

My experience is that you learn to think creatively about the relationship
between work, play, and loving.  There is a set of expectations that "career"
means working all the time.  This is unbalanced and unhealthy.  It's a good way
to age quickly, ruin relationships, and generate personal conditions for a
midlife crisis for which a person usually doesn't have the tools to work

The "material" orientation that these expectations include usually subvert
claiming one's own life as one's own.  If you think clearly about what is
important to you, and this changes over the lifespan, you can act from
"principle" rather than emotion.  This is the creative, and hard part.  To "do"
what one "says" is a goal few attain it seems to me...

Jeffrey Olson
Laramie, Wyoming...