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[pct-l] PCT Roving Party Animals!


While it's true a few hostels on the AT have closed their doors because of a 
few "bad apples", I don't believe your average AT hiker falls into this 
category.  Most of the hiker on that trail are very conscientious and 
respectful to trail providers.  

>From your post it seems as though you were able to tell the difference, that 
is, the good guys were from the PCT and hadn't hiked the AT and the bad 
apples, former AT hikers.  Is this true or is it the times?  What ever the 
answer, it doesn't bode well for future hikers on either trail.  I know of 
certain times where AT hikers have been able to "police" themselves with 
unruly behavior of others, more often then not solo hikers.  When it comes to 
groups, it may be that much more difficult to enlighten the offenders.  
Alcohol is usually the problem, especially in younger hikers, either underage 
or just turning the legal limit and those that can't handle it.  

Probably the simplest answer, although it won't correct the underlying 
problem, is to ban alcohol at the campground (for hikers) and make them take 
a shower, before they hit town.


In a message dated 9/2/2001 1:26:16 PM Eastern Daylight Time, 
Montedodge@aol.com writes:

> I met two different groups of thru-hikers last week at Cascade Locks who 
> were totally different hiker molds. First group a week ago Friday night 
> were 
> mellow nice hikers who caught a ride to Portland with Fallingwater to 
> resupply. They were very interesting to talk with and a pleasure to be 
> around. BUT the NEXT group,,,, were a tad different story. Got off Adams 
> and 
> came down to Cascade Locks where PCT hikers are allowed to stay free at the 
> Marine Park. I fear this may be a thing of the past if groups like the 
> folks 
> we met Sunday night  become comon place. Hikers of Sunday had a " case of 
> beer"  and seemed to enjoy using four letter words to describe each section 
> of the trail. They had had several run-in's with the law in the town as far 
> as language in public and taking advantage of a hotel's kindness. I don't 
> know if these hikers picked up their bad manners from the AT party crowd, 
> but 
> if future PCT thru-hikers show with lack of respect display, we may no 
> longer 
> be welcome with open-arms. A group of several unshaved and unbathed people 
> in 
> a small town using foul language can be a bid intiminating. In my own 
> hubble 
> opinion, I feel the " Average" PCT hiker may be a bit more serious and show 
> a 
> bit more " Class" than the average AT hiker, but this may change over time. 
> ( 
> I hope not) We got up at light and went to say good -by to these folks , 
> but 
> they were still stone dead tired  from their night of " Alcoholic Gruel"..  

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