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[pct-l] White Pass visited today!!

 Went to the flea market at Packwood today and drove up to White Pass to 
check things out. Saw  no one up there and checked the register. Sounds like 
the Smokin Eagles, who signed in the first of Sept. , had just departed to 
hike North after another hard night out on the town. (They may not have the 
record for fastest trip to Canada, but may hold the record for most alcohol 
consumed along the trail) Mojo Reson signed in yesterday as did Camera Dave.  
No one signed the book today ( campground empty of PCTer's) , but I did go 
through and saw Grizzley signed in the 24th of august, Lighting bolt July 
31th, Starman the 28th of August,. No sign of Prenzel and Stitch or trail 
magic happening anywhere. ( I did buy two old apple baskets and a birdhouse 
for my wife!!)