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[pct-l] PCT Roving Party Animals!

 I met two different groups of thru-hikers last week at Cascade Locks who 
were totally different hiker molds. First group  a week ago Friday night were 
mellow nice hikers who caught a ride to Portland with Fallingwater to 
resupply. They were very interesting to talk with and a pleasure to be 
around. BUT the NEXT group,,,, were a tad different story. Got off Adams and 
came down to Cascade Locks where PCT hikers are allowed to stay free at the 
Marine Park. I fear this may be a thing of the past if groups like the folks 
we met Sunday night  become comon place. Hikers of Sunday had a " case of 
beer"  and seemed to enjoy using four letter words to describe each section 
of the trail. They had had several run-in's with the law in the town as far 
as language in public and taking advantage of a hotel's kindness. I don't 
know if these hikers picked up their bad manners from the AT party crowd, but 
if future PCT thru-hikers show with lack of respect display, we may no longer 
be welcome with open-arms. A group of several unshaved and unbathed people in 
a small town using foul language can be a bid intiminating. In my own hubble 
opinion, I feel the " Average" PCT hiker may be a bit more serious and show a 
bit more " Class" than the average AT hiker, but this may change over time. ( 
I hope not) We got up at light and went to say good -by to these folks , but 
they were still stone dead tired  from their night of " Alcoholic Gruel"..  
Mad Monte