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[pct-l] Re: Old gear

>From: Tom Hopkins
>Old gear??? I have a 1973 Northface down sleeping bag that was rated at -15
>degrees. I have slept in it at -10 and was comfortable. I think in those days a
>temperature rating was pretty reliable...unlike my Feathered Friends bag.

Gear, a conversation I love. I have the opposite problem with my
Feathered Friends bag, it's too warm and I rarely use it. I took it to
Fritz Roy Argentina; spent a week on the ice mass, west of the peaks
and baked in the bag. I used it in February up in the Minarets and
again I was too warm. The bag is a 5 degree extra wide Penguin which I
purchased years ago for a climb in Nepal. I sleep warm, so my 20
degree Western Mountaineering bag works for about 90% of the stuff I

As for old gear, gear I cherished and loved (and still possess; all of
which in horrible disrepair):

Frostline sleeping bag my mom made for me in the 60's.

Black Ice sleeping bag that took me through the 70's and 80's. They
don't make bags like that anymore.

60's Antelope canvas backpack.

Early 70's Kelty Tioga pack. The first model featuring side packets!

My absolutely favorite boots of all time: Pavetta Hiker 5s. I also had
a pair of the greenish suade Pavetta boots too. These boots were
tossed in the trash in the mid 80's and with the exception of a pair
of Limmers, I've never owned boots that were comparable. I like boots
with eye-holes rather than lace hooks.

Anyone own a Co-op American flag frame pack? :-)