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[pct-l] Fabric from Stephenson

Hmmm.. "honey sweetie could you help me so this--you're so good
at it and I don't want to ruin your machine"...

make work wonders...


At 8:33 AM -0800 6/26/01, John Mertes wrote:
>OK, Monte,
>The answer is simple. Have *her* do the sewing.
>Just ask me. I'm a life-long bachelor, so I know <VBG!>
>Montedodge@aol.com wrote:
>>  Just checked out Stephensen Warmlight  and they also sell fabric . (
>> 1.4 oz. silicone coated ripstop is 10.00 a yard) Also sell ponchos for 54.00
>> for a regular and 64.00 for an over the pack type. Now a just need to learn
>> how to sew!!! ( I bought my wife a nice phaff machine a few years ago
>>but her
>> won't let me touch it)
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