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[pct-l] The Strider [memorial] route to the Ritter Range withno Bear Canister


I see you worked the route out anyway. Everyone knows that I am bassakwards.
I just simple plot it on the map, output the points to my GPS and connect
the dots. Compasses, right-left?? All that stuff is out of date like sneeza
stoves. Get with it! OK? Even Mad Monte is running around in lightweight
sneakers, carrying a cat food stove and learning to sew! Now that I have a
handy sun charger for my satelitte phone I can leave the bear canister
behind going to Thousand Island Lake. Simply call Pizza Hut. 

Seriously, i am not a rock climber but it looks from the map and the guide
that there are some primo climbs in the Ritter Range from this route. Iron
Mountain is a walk up [which Strider won't be able to do after getting
sexually accosted by Brer Bear <ROFL>]

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At 4:41 PM -0700 6/21/01, Reynolds, WT wrote:

> Re: The Strider [memorial] route to the Ritter Range with no Bear Canister

I gather it was without a compass, either?

>From Mammoth take the trail from the Monument up Snow Creek and make a
>[south] towards Summit Meadow.

And without a pair of those shoes with the great big "L" and "R"
on them, so that you could tell your left from your right?

> As you amake that right turn you will leave
>the HATED bear canister required territory and can camp anywhwer, anyway
>without evil bureaucratic intervention. Continue south past Stairway Meadow
>heading southeast to Cargyle Meadow and Corral Meadow.

Hmm, sorta looks on my map like that would be ... southwest.

>Continuing north up the
>San Joaquin you reach trail end on the WEST side of the Ritter Range and
>HATED ZONE. Undaunted by the trail's end you blaze a trail West Northwest,
>to Lake Catherine,

Um, that'd be more like Northeast, wouldn't it?  (Unless my map
is seriously mistaken...)

>... a rugged outpost of freedom just yards from the zombies
>camped at Thousand Island Lake.

Yep, like, um, just 2000 yards.

because the air on the FREE side is so much clearer than the
OPPRESSED air that the ZOMBIES breathe...

> From this rugged, windswept bastion of free
>camping it is a trivial matter to hike north to the Holy Peaks of the
>Range, how half covered [but only the eastern half] by the HATED ZONE.
>Carefully choosing your peak of worship you scale the west side of the
>blessed heights and arrive just 1 millimeter west of the peak where the
>HATED ZONE begins.

Sounds like a fun trip anyway, if one can get over one's fear
of the ZOMBIES and HATRED of the GOVERNMENT'S heavy-handed
attempts to save the lives of a few bears ...

So ... question of the day:  do the rangers in the "ATE-IT ZONE"
require you to carry a bear canister if you don't carry any food
at all?  Does bait count?

  Just curious ...
  :-D oug