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[pct-l] Re: Old gear

> Early 70's Kelty Tioga pack. The first model featuring side packets!

Gotta call you on this one Dave. Kelty had side pockets back into the '50s.
The models that preceded the Tioga and its ilk (back when the packs were
light!) had cool names like A4 (divided upper compartment, four side
pockets) and B2 (open upper compartment, two side pockets). In the early 70s
they came out with the BB5--a big open bag (deeper than the traditional
models) with four side pockets and a back pocket--which was intended for

By the mid-70s, the marketing guys starting taking over. Catchy names
(Tioga, Serac, etc.), heavier materials, rain flaps (those always galled Mr.
Kelty!), etc.

God am I feeling old.

1977 Kelty Kid