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Re: [nct-l] Glad someone did it

At 10:24 AM 11/13/99 -0600, ryan patrick bowles wrote:
>Glad I could help.  We're not having too much luck so far in keeping the
>conversations going.  Hey, everybody out there- just like building the NCT

It takes a while. I'm on a couple other listservers, and it takes hundreds
of people on the list to keep a lively discussion going. (Of course, you
reach the point where it can get too lively!) Anyway, the thing to do is to
keep going, and work at setting up some discussions.

So, even if it's just you and me, let's toss some stuff back and forth, and
maybe others will join in. Let's squabble over something. Here's some
potential areas to squabble over:

-- In Ohio and Pennsylvania, they have a problem with horses on the trail.
Horses do a lot of damage to treadways, but they do make for a legitimate
form of outdoor recreation.

-- We do have a lot of mountian bike problems. Are they really that bad? Is
the treadway damage all that bad? Is this a legitimate form of outdoor
recreation to be on a hiking trail? Is the hiker-biker interface that unsafe?

-- Where do we need to take bear precautions? Which precautions?

-- Is marking a route on roads in areas of predominately private ownership
a legitimate way of extending the trail, even on a temporary (or
extended-temporary) basis? Should we continue with unconnected
steppingstones of off-road trail?

I have some opinions on all of these questions. However, for the sake of
getting a discussion going, I may play devil's advocate.

Does this sound like a plan to you?

-- Wes

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