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Re: [nct-l] Glad someone did it

> -- In Ohio and Pennsylvania, they have a problem with horses on the trail.
> Horses do a lot of damage to treadways, but they do make for a legitimate
> form of outdoor recreation.

This is a problem on many different trails.  I worked on building the
Sauratown Trail in North Carolina, that will one day be part of the
Mountains to Sea Trail.  It was built almost entirely by horse people with
horses in mind, but with hikers also expected.  The builders went the
extra mile (or two) to make the treadway stand up to horses.  One thing
they did that I found particularly interesting is to build sidehill trail
deeper into the hill and put metal stakes into the ground near the edge.
The horses somehow sense that the stakes are there, and therefore avoid
the downhill edge of the trail.  The stakes were deep enough, though, that
hikers were not likely to trip on them, especially if they walked on the
hill side of the trail, as they should.

I think horses can have a positive effect on certain trails.  If the trail
is well-built but not well-used, the horses can offer the use that will
keep the trail somewhat self-maintained.

I also think that horses should be allowed on a trail only if the trail is
built for them and at least partially maintained by horse people.

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