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[ft-l] Introduction

Hi, folks, just wandered into the list the other day (courtesy of Solar Bear, 
who told me about it) and thought I'd introduce myself. 

My name's Sandy, I grew up along the AT along Bearfort Mtn, NJ, but moved to 
Ocala before I had a chance to hike it on my own. Ended up graduating from 
Forest High and CFCC, then headed up to Pittsburgh. Just moved back to Ocala 
this month. I don't expect it to be a permanent change -- I love the 
Appalachians too much -- but I'm darned glad to see a lot more hiking trails 
around here than were available 15 years ago! <G> Have been a lifelong 
dayhiker, but only started backpacking several years ago...and it was the 
encouragement of the good folks on AT-L that got me out the door to try it. 
Now I'm hooked! :) Am fond of canoeing as well, and just picked up the nifty 
skill of kayaking, though I suppose that can get tricky down here, being near 
eye-level with the wildlife. It was bad enough having to portage in Juniper 
Run some years back in the post-hurricane blowdowns during gator mating 

Hope to spend some time on FL Trail activities this winter; am eyeing the AT 
for spring. We'll see how it goes. I'm a freelance writer, and did what I 
could to publicize trails and trailcare for KTA in PA...will gladly do so 
here, as well, whenever you feel this group needs publicity. Once I get 
settled in, hope to hook up with the local chapter. And if anyone knows where 
I can find an inexpensive lightweight tent....<VBG>...

Cheers, Navigator
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