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Re: [ft-l] Introduction

Hi Jim... My inlaws lie near ure area,,,they live right on the Withlacoochee
River...But they live in LK Panasofkee...How far is the Florida Trail near
that, My husband and i are wondering becuase next summer we want to hike
it....let me know,,,

At 12:56 PM 1/1/99 -0500, you wrote:
>I have no idea how active this list is, but thought it would be
>appropriate to introduce myself.
>My name is Jim Wellborn.
>I live in the Crystal River, Florida area.  I am very involved with a
>local Boy Scout Troop.  As such, my outdooring activities are pretty
>well defined by the planning and activities of the Troop.
>I live near a portion of the Florida Trail that goes through the
>Withlacoochee Forest between here and Inverness.  As of yet, I haven't
>even gone through that portion of the trail, but plan to do several (if
>needed) day hikes now that the cooler weather is here.
>Anyone on this list live near-by?
>The closest FTA group appears to be the Crackers out of
>Gainesville-Ocala area.  Any members that can give me additional
>information about Cracker outings, work hikes, meetings etc. are
>welcomeed and requested to let me know.
>Thanks.  Happy New Year to all.
>Jim Wellborn
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have a wonderful and beautiful day!!!!

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