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Re: [ft-l] Water Pumps

I agree that we need to revisit this issue with the Yankee Government. It is 
too important to walk away from. Let's keep pounding away.  In the meantime 
we should go ahead an install some wells where we can.  A good start for 
such an effort and one which would be helpful for FTA's strategic planning 
would be a priority list of campsites where wells are most needed.  Could 
you long distance folk come up with a list?

Sour Kraut

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>Subject: [ft-l] Water Pumps
>Date: Wed, 14 Jul 1999 15:48:43 -0400
>Interesting thing about water pumps.  My guess is that we won't see any
>additions along trail on federal property any time soon.  Ask June Atkinson
>about the whole sordid story.  She went to war with the Feds after they 
>all the pumps out of Big Cypress.  Long and short of is:  Feds have 
>for public POTABLE water sources, but none for public NON-POTABLE sources.
>Since the wells at Big Cypress could not qualify under the potable rules, 
>pumps were pulled.  Couldn't we just mark them as non-potable?  There are 
>rules regulating that kind, so therefore you cannot have that kind-- this 
>all the way from Washington.
>If anyone (you AT-ers?) knows of any legal non-potable wells on federal
>property, FTA would like to talk to whomever got them in so they can try 
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