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[ft-l] FT Hikes & Dogs

Just looking for some opinions.  On two recent FT sponsored hikes I led 
people have shown up with their dogs.  Neither person who showed up with a 
dog had asked me whether they could bring the dog; I don't even know if they 
called in advance or not.

Our chapter has an informal policy of not allowing dogs on group outings.  
Although I hiked (alone) with my dog when I still had one, I really am 
opposed to dogs on group hikes.  Although your odds of seeing wildlife are 
greatly diminished (probably to very low odds) when you hike in a group, it 
seems to me that hiking with a dog even further lowers those odds.  
Additionally, although everyone claims that their dog is the essence of 
kindness, I feel I'm assuming extra responsibility because of the possiblity 
of the dog biting someone. (One of the dogs who showed up snapped at me when 
I knelt by the open car window to discuss the matter with the folks in the 
front seat.)   In both cases, I tried to be warm and apologetic but told the 
people it was our policy not to allow dogs on group hikes.  In both cases, 
this news was NOT well received.  

What do other chapters do?  Is there an FT state policy about dogs on hikes?  
I welcome all opinions, facts, and random thoughts.

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